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Use Git and Webpack, so that the efficiency is more outstanding, suitable for the domestic agile development mode

Localization and agile development mode, maximize with customer business implementation of targeted development process management and control, Verp team technical staff pay great attention to team collaboration and efficiency improvement; For customers' internal management products and external products, different project management methods are used, which makes the project more rational to follow and traceable.

Dig deep into HTML 5 and CSS 3 features and explore cutting-edge front-end frameworks

Technological exploration is never-ending, and new technologies keep emerging. HTML 5 is the general trend of the future. Through canvas drawing and the endless excellent JS engine library, HTML5 can be competent in any terminal. CSS 3 has pushed the interactive experience to a new realm, and the continuous expansion of CSS 3 has made it easy to achieve the effects that could not be done before, and made the web application reconstruction more convenient and quick; In the era of mobile terminal, Vespa pays more attention to the user experience, chooses the front-end framework more in line with user needs, and makes steady progress in technology selection.

Lazy-load, reflow, less, Redis, OSS, CDN, distributed architecture, etc. combine soft and hard for response speed and concurrency requirements

For different projects, we use different technology stacks to maximize production efficiency at the best cost; We have a paranoid requirement for response speed, and we have a set of perfect and flexible solutions for user experience. It's all about making the technology invisible to the user. The user experience is based on stability and speed.

It has to open in 2 seconds

We've been ahead of our peers in web development; Now we recommend using the latest cutting-edge technology to make the experience faster and better.

Reasonable service life architecture deployment mode

Whether it is the official website, APP or SaaS system, at the initial stage of the project, we will provide customers with a set of highly feasible hardware solutions through technical demonstration.

Flexible technology

Whether you use bootstrap, vue.js, react. Js, Node. js, technology is always at the service of the need; What kind of requirements correspond to what kind of architecture, all user experience as the center, combined with cost considerations, for customers to choose the best technology combination.

Perfect technical documentation and maintenance services

During the project handover, we will provide complete operation manual, database dictionary, API dictionary and other technical documents for the convenience of future generations and ourselves.

Balance cost and efficiency

Before a project is signed, we usually advise the client to use one or more technologies and inform the corresponding hardware and software costs.

The most appropriate interactive experience

We tend to advise customers to choose appropriate interactive experience. We do not favor cool interaction methods, users' daily management or use, which are the cornerstone of user experience.

Welcome to Wehivers Digital Product UE Design Center!

We have rich project management experience and a large number of enterprise project cases. The vast majority of our customers have chosen to cooperate with us for longer.

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8 years of focus on the government and enterprise digital transformation of user experience design and development services, good at strategy research, user research, interaction design, UI visual design, development landing, usability testing. With agile development mode, rich project management experience, mature development team and a high degree of cooperation adaptability.

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Focus on digital user experience design and development of the cloud platform system, WeChat small programs, website construction, high-end brand website design, website construction, shenzhen web design, web design services.