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Clients: ScienBiziP Law Group Website design
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Time: 2018, 05-19


ScienBiziP Law Group has derived from international famous enterprise intellectual property organization, intellectual property of the core team has more than 30 years and actual combat experience, professional team of more than 500 people, has its own China, the United States, Japan and Taiwan patent agents and patent lawyers and patent agents more than 100 people, the cumulative processing more than 300000 various types of intellectual property cases around the world, Service industries include communications, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, software, cloud computing, materials and chemicals, semiconductors, transportation, medical devices, biotechnology and fintech.

With branches in China, the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other regions, the group provides more efficient one-stop IP professional services to global customers, including well-known enterprises, governments, universities and research institutions.

ScienBiziP Law Group adheres to the founder's concept of continuous innovation of intellectual property and methods, and integrates the whole process of intellectual property with big data, providing comprehensive professional services such as intellectual property consulting, mining, layout, application, management and application for industries, universities, research institutes, investors and governments all over the world.

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