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Webhivers builds and creates the fundamental tools for success.

1. Research

Product Research

Webhivers uses UX practices to support the entire process from problem definition to solution, including market research, scope definition, prototyping, and user verification.

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Product Architecture&Layout

Demand sorting, structure sorting, demand mining, product logic construction, product skeleton abstract forming.

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2. Development

Web Application Development

From CMS content management system, enterprise website applets, enterprise management software, to SaaS applications, VESPa has comprehensive customized development ability of Web applications, and can provide a complete set of professional solutions in the main fields, to help enterprises achieve business goals.

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Server Purchasing and Maintenance Services

Provide huawei cloud special channels to purchase consulting services; Server operation and maintenance, deployment of various application operating environments, security detection, SSL certificate deployment, data migration, data backup, hardware architecture design consultant.

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3. Design

Product strategy design and route planning

Through market research and competitive product research, as well as user analysis, Verp focuses on creating product feasibility reports based on strategic research for enterprise users, and can design perfect product route planning schemes according to market reaction expectations.

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Rapid product prototyping & Interaction Design

The rapid implementation of the product depends on rapid product use feedback and usability verification in the early stage. Vupo can quickly transform enterprise needs into high-experience and high-restore prototype solutions at a low cost, which can help enterprises quickly verify the feasibility of the product and save costs.

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Product UI Design

Webhivers can provide high-quality UI design manuscripts and output schemes of various types of finished products for enterprises and software companies with development capabilities. Vespa team has a strong willingness to cooperate and can flexibly adapt to the outsourcing needs of different enterprises for high-quality UI design.

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4. Testing

Manual Testing

Webhivers provides human testing to ensure that problems that may occur during the use of the software by real users are found and solved. Vespa provides the best test plan, including the test scope, test item function point list, and provide the final test report.

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Project Acceptance Test

Be able to perform acceptance tests on the functions, applicability, ease of use, reliability, and maintainability of software and applications according to software requirements and related standards, and produce scientific evaluation reports.

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Pressure Test

It can simulate massive user access, understand the performance limits and bottlenecks of hardware and software by implementing repeatable loads, put forward solutions that can improve the reliability and stability of software systems, dig out hidden load vulnerabilities and performance shortcomings of the system, and provide professional test reports.

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Security Testing

Webhivers's expert team can quickly verify the security problems of software systems through technical means, discover various deep-rooted security problems, including software and hardware, and provide security reports.

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Performance Test

Webhivers tests software and system performance in an all-round way, puts forward optimization plans and measures according to user experience criteria, issues related performance test reports, and assists enterprises in proposing optimization directions and evaluating optimization costs.

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5. IT Consulting

IT Expert Services

Provide a full range of expert digital transformation consulting services, from product conception, product design, bug repair, software plug-in installation, environment deployment, data migration to DevOps, security services, government cloud consulting services.

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RAW Demand & Product Manager Support

Webhivers can provide technical support for product managers for enterprises and software companies, and provide powerful early demand assistance and technical support for enterprises in the process of government, enterprise and group project bidding or customer negotiation, helping to sign and land projects.

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We have rich project management experience and a large number of enterprise project cases. The vast majority of our customers have chosen to cooperate with us for longer.

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8 years of focus on the government and enterprise digital transformation of user experience design and development services, good at strategy research, user research, interaction design, UI visual design, development landing, usability testing. With agile development mode, rich project management experience, mature development team and a high degree of cooperation adaptability.

Business Focus

Focus on digital user experience design and development of the cloud platform system, WeChat small programs, website construction, high-end brand website design, website construction, shenzhen web design, web design services.