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NCTD website manage system development

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Clients: NCTD website manage system development
Category: Typical Cases
Time: 2021, 12-08


Webhivers received the commission in October this year to design and develop the website and patent paper system platform for ----, the only national technology innovation center in China. Over the years, Webhivers has been committed to providing digital transformation support for the government and institutions, laying a digital foundation for the official media and institutions to better publicize themselves and convey their spirit.

The National Innovation Center for New Display Technology (NCREC) is the only national technology innovation center in the field of new display in China. It is a professional innovation platform jointly built by industry chain enterprises, universities, scientific research institutes and other forces. It was officially approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology on March 8, 2021. With the r&d and application of cutting-edge technologies and key generic technologies as the core of the new display industry, basic application research will be carried out to promote the continuous innovation of the new display industry and promote the transformation of new display technology achievements.

Supported and managed by Guangdong Juhua New Display Research Institute, THE center is committed to promoting China's new display industry to complete three transformations: realizing the transformation of display technology from following to original, and then to leading; Realize the transformation from independent and disorderly development to unified layout and collaborative innovation; Realize the transformation from single product to industrial chain integration and collaborative innovation.


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