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Yuanta Futures (Hong Kong) website design

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Clients: Yuanta Futures (Hong Kong) website design
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Time: 2018, 09-11


Yuanta Futures (Hong Kong) is the leading company in Taiwan's futures industry -- Yuanta Futures Co., LTD. (stock code: 6023) is a 100% reinvested subsidiary in Hong Kong, officially opened in Hong Kong in November 2012, and became the first futures company approved by Taiwan Financial Regulatory Commission to conduct futures business between Hong Kong and mainland China in March 2014. Yuanta Futures (Hong Kong) relies on years of accumulated professional knowledge and the concept of financial innovation, We are committed to providing the best quality financial services to our global and Hong Kong institutional clients through the integration of our business in the Asia Pacific region with compliance operations, high-end trading platform and sound financial background.

Yuanta Futures is a leader in the futures industry in Taiwan. Founded in 1997, yuanta Futures became the first futures company listed on the over-the-counter market in Taiwan in 2007. In April 2017, the net value of YUanta Futures reached HK $1.88 billion (USD 240 million, RMB 1.667 billion). Are firmly in Taiwan futures market leading position. Yuanta Futures is committed to providing investors with global hot commodity services, 24-hour service for more than 20 years, and has obtained the membership of up to 12 international exchanges in the industry, providing international zero-hour professional services, as well as complete commodity research reports, combined with mobile App to promote market instant news.

Yuanta Futures has gradually developed a complete transnational layout in Asia Pacific. With Hong Kong as an important base for its layout in Greater China, yuanta Futures provides trading system construction and training, overseas futures referral, financial consulting and other services for customers across the Straits. With the development of the global financial market, yuanta Futures has seized market opportunities for customers.

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